Photo of Professor Anna Slater

Professor Anna Slater

Royal Society University Research Fellow and Professor of Chemistry (proleptic) Chemistry


    Personal Statement

    Anna Slater received her PhD in supramolecular chemistry from the University of Nottingham in 2011. Following postdoctoral positions in porphyrin self-assembly (University of Nottingham) and porous organic cage materials (University of Liverpool) she took up a Royal Society-EPSRC Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship in 2016 and a Royal Society University Research Fellowship in 2021. She was promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2021/22 and to a Personal Chair in Oct 2022. Anna developed an interest in flow chemistry during her PDRA positions, recognising that flow technology has a lot to offer the supramolecular chemist; exploiting flow processes for enhanced control of chemistry is now a central theme of her work. Her research interests include molecular materials, enabling technology/automation, and organic synthesis and self-assembly. Her research group is based between the Department of Chemistry and the Materials Innovation Factory at the University of Liverpool.