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Religious Studies at Liverpool

The University of Liverpool boasts a large number of experts in the critical study of religion based in over eleven departments across the university.

Our particular strengths include the study of religion in the near East (ancient and modern), European Christianities, sacred space, literature and theology, religion and conflict, and religion and society.

We run regular lectures and events organized by the Ancient Religions Research Group, the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, the Religious Cultures Research Cluster, and the Research Group on Religion, Ethics and Practical Philosophy.

School of the Arts


Ataa Alsalloum (Isalmic architecture)
Soumyen Bandyopadhyay (Islamic architecture and art in Arabia)
Andrew Compton (multifaith spaces)
Nick Webb (church architecture)


Matthew Bradley (late-Victorian religion, William James)
Simon Marsden (literature and theology)
Sarah Peverley (medieval literature, religious drama and iconography)



John Adams (philosophy of religion)
Christopher Bartley (Hinduism and Buddhism)
Daniel Hill (philosophy of religion, Protestantism, law and religion)

Jannine Jobling (religion and literature, feminist spirituality, feminist philosophy of religion) 

School of Histories, Languages, and Cultures

Archaeology, Classics, and Egyptology

Violaine Chauvet (Egyptian tombs)
Roland Enmarch (Ancient Egyptian religion)
Marina Escolano-Poveda (Egyptian religion in the Graeco-Roman period)
Christopher Eyre (Egyptian rituals)
Glenn Godenho (Coptic Christianity)
Alan Greaves (Greek oracles)
Georgia Petridou (Greek and Roman religion and medicine)
Steven Snape (Egyptian sacred landscapes)
Christopher Tuplin (Persian religion)


William Ashworth (Anglican theology)

Anna Bocking-Welch (Christian humanitarianism)
Harald Braun (early modern political theology)
Alex Buchanan (architecture of medieval great churches, religious archives)
Roland Clark (Eastern Orthodoxy)
Marios Costambeys (early medieval monasteries)
Bonnie Effros (early medieval Christianity, Christian archaeology)
Anna French (childhood and demons)
Martin Heale (medieval monasteries/Reformation)
Diana Jeater (African religions)
Damien Kempf (medieval manuscripts)
Andrew Redden (Catholicism, Martydrom, Cosmovisions, Political Theology)
Robin Whelan (Christianity in the late ancient world)

Irish Studies

Clare Downham (medieval Irish saints)

Peter Shirlow (Sectarianism)

Modern Languages and Cultures

Lei Peng (Buddhism)
Barbara Spadaro (Jewry in Italy and North Africa)
Sizen Yiacoup (Inter-religious dialogue in medieval Iberia)


Hannes Baumann (Middle East Sectarianism)

Jonathan Tonge (Religion in Northern Ireland)

School of Law and Social Justice

Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology

Stefanie Doebler (social attitudes and religion)

Terence Heng (sacred space, ethnic identities and Chinese religion)


Matt Gibson (crime and religion)