Teaching Staff
Towsey, Professor MarkHead of Department, Professor of the History of the Book0151 794 2383
Arnold, Dr KatherineLecturer in Environmental History0151 794 2386
Ashworth, Dr William J.Reader in History0151 794 2374
Balderstone, Dr LauraCultural History and Post-war Britain0151 794 2416
Biney, Dr AmaLecturer in Black British History0151 794 2415
Bocking-Welch, Dr AnnaSenior Lecturer in Modern British History0151 794 2370
Braun, Dr Harald E.Reader in European History (1300-1700)0151 794 2381
Buchanan, Dr AlexReader in Archive Studies0151 794 2390
Caslin, Dr SamanthaSenior Lecturer in Modern British History
Chalus, Professor ElaineProfessor of British History0151 795 0607
Clark, Dr RolandReader in Modern European History
Costambeys, Dr MariosReader, Medieval History0151 794 2382
Davies, Professor AndrewProfessor of Modern Social History
Endfield, Professor GeorginaProfessor of Environmental History0151 795 0688
French, Dr AnnaSenior Lecturer in Early Modern History 0151 794 9523
Heale, Professor MartinProfessor in Late Medieval History0151 794 2385
Heath, Professor DeanaProfessor of Indian and Colonial History0151 794 3064
Hogg, Dr JonathanSenior Lecturer in Twentieth Century History0151 794 2398
Hopkins, Dr MichaelReader in American Foreign Policy0151 794 2539
Hudson, Dr CherylLecturer in US Political History 0151 794 9521
Jeater, Professor DianaProfessor of African History
Kempf, Dr DamienSenior Lecturer in Medieval History0151 794 2387
Kenny, Dr StephenSenior Lecturer, 19th and 20th Century North American History0151 794 2391
Maragkou, Dr Konstantina
Milne, Dr GraemeSenior Lecturer in Modern History0151 794 2368
Pearson, Professor ChrisReader in Twentieth-Century History0151 794 2367
Penati, Dr BeatriceLecturer in Russian and Eurasian History
Redden, Dr AndrewSenior Lecturer in Latin American History0151 794 2073
Reilly, Dr MichaelLecturer in International Record-Keeping
Sandy, Dr LauraReader in the History of Slavery 0151 794 9524
Sheard, Professor SallyAndrew Geddes and John Rankin Chair of Modern History: Professor of the History of Medicine0151 794 4552
Stobo, Dr VictoriaLecturer in Recordkeeping
Vihervalli, Dr UlriikaLecturer in Late Antique History
Whelan, Dr RobinSenior Lecturer in Mediterranean History
White, Dr JessicaLecturer in Black British History0151 794 2383
Wilks-Heeg, Dr MyriamLecturer in Twentieth Century History
Wu, Dr JunqingLecturer in Chinese History
Honorary Staff
Ascott, Dr Diana0151 794 2410
Belchem, Prof JohnProfessor of History
Blackburn, Dr SheilaHonorary Senior Fellow
Campbell, Dr AlanHonorary Senior Fellow
Esdaile, Em P CharlesEmeritus Professor in History (Napoleonic Europe, Modern Spain)0151 794 2376
Finch, Dr HenryHonorary Senior Fellow
Foggo, Dr NicholasHonorary Fellow
Foreman, Dr Amanda
Green, Dr Edmund Honorary Fellow
Jarvis, Mr AdrianFellow
Jones, Dr ClaireHonorary Fellow
Kingdon, Dr ZacharyHonorary Fellow
Lee, Prof RobertHonorary Research Professor
Lowry, Mr James Honorary Fellow
Muskett, Dr GinaHonorary Research Fellow
Procter, Dr MargaretSenior Lecturer, Record and Archive Studies0151 794 2411
Honorary Fellow
Smith, Mr RichardHonorary Research Fellow
Stafford, Prof PaulineEmeritus Professor, Early Medieval History
Starkey, Dr PatHonorary Research Fellow
Strickland, Dr Jeannette
Swain, Dr NigelLecturer in Eastern Europe in Twentieth Century0151 794 2422
Tadman, Dr MichaelHonorary Senior Fellow
Research staff
Chhabra, Dr HeeralPostdoctoral Research Associate
Dashwood, Dr RitaMHRA Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dunn, Dr SophieESRC Postdoctoral Fellow
Jones, Dr SophiePostdoctoral Research Associate
Marin-Aguilera, Dr BeatrizDerby Fellow (Legacies of Empire)
McKay, Dr AnnaLeverhulme Trust Early Career Fellow
Robinson, Dr MichaelLeverhulme Trust Early Career Fellow