Teaching Staff

Chalus, Prof Elaine Head of Department  0151 795 0607 E.H.Chalus@liverpool.ac.uk 
Ashworth, Dr William J. Reader in History  0151 794 2374 W.J.Ashworth@liverpool.ac.uk 
Balderstone, Dr Laura Cultural History and Post-war Britain  0151 794 2416 L.Balderstone@liverpool.ac.uk 
Bocking-Welch, Dr Anna Lecturer in Modern British History  0151 794 2370 Anna.Bocking-Welch@liverpool.ac.uk 
Braun, Dr Harald E. Reader in European History (1300-1700)  0151 794 2381 H.E.Braun@liverpool.ac.uk 
Buchanan, Dr Alex Senior Lecturer in Archive Studies  0151 794 2390 Alexandrina.Buchanan@liverpool.ac.uk 
Caslin, Dr Samantha Lecturer in Modern British History   Samantha.Caslin@liverpool.ac.uk 
Clark, Dr Roland Lecturer in Modern European History   Roland.Clark@liverpool.ac.uk 
Costambeys, Dr Marios Reader, Medieval History  0151 794 2382 Costa@liverpool.ac.uk 
Davies, Prof Andrew Professor of Modern Social History  A.M.Davies@liverpool.ac.uk 
Effros, Prof Bonnie Professor of European History and Chaddock Chair of Economic and Social History   Bonnie.Effros@liverpool.ac.uk 
Endfield, Prof Georgina Professor of Environmental History  0151 795 0688 Georgina.Endfield@liverpool.ac.uk 
Esdaile, Prof Charles Professor in History (Napoleonic Europe, Modern Spain)  0151 794 2376 Epsom@liverpool.ac.uk 
French, Dr Anna Lecturer in Early Modern History   0151 794 9523 Anna.French@liverpool.ac.uk 
Heale, Dr Martin Reader in Late Medieval History  0151 794 2385 Mrvheale@liverpool.ac.uk 
Heath, Dr Deana Reader in Indian and Colonial History  0151 794 3064 D.Heath@liverpool.ac.uk 
Hogg, Dr Jonathan Senior Lecturer in Twentieth Century History  0151 794 2398 J.G.Hogg@liverpool.ac.uk 
Hopkins, Dr Michael Reader in American Foreign Policy  0151 794 2539 Michael.Hopkins@liverpool.ac.uk 
Hudson, Dr Cheryl Lecturer in US Political History   0151 794 9521 C.Hudson@liverpool.ac.uk 
Jeater, Dr Diana Senior Lecturer in African History and HLC Lead for Employability and Placements  Diana.Jeater@liverpool.ac.uk 
Kempf, Dr Damien Senior Lecturer in Medieval History  0151 794 2387 Damien.Kempf@liverpool.ac.uk 
Kenny, Dr Stephen Lecturer, 19th and 20th Century North American History  0151 794 2391 S.C.Kenny@liverpool.ac.uk 
Lowry, Mr James Lecturer in Archives and Record-keeping   0151 794 9522 J.Lowry@liverpool.ac.uk 
Milne, Dr Graeme Lecturer in Modern History  0151 794 2368 G.J.Milne@liverpool.ac.uk 
Pearson, Dr Chris Senior Lecturer in Twentieth-Century History  0151 794 2367 Chris.Pearson@liverpool.ac.uk 
Penati, Dr Beatrice   Beatrice.Penati@liverpool.ac.uk 
Redden, Dr Andrew Senior Lecturer in Latin American History  0151 794 2073 A.Redden@liverpool.ac.uk 
Sandy, Dr Laura Lecturer in the History of Slavery   0151 794 9524 L.Sandy@liverpool.ac.uk 
Sheard, Prof Sally Andrew Geddes and John Rankin Chair of Modern History: Professor of the History of Medicine  0151 794 4552 S.B.Sheard@liverpool.ac.uk 
Stobo, Miss Victoria Lecturer in Recordkeeping  Victoria.Stobo@liverpool.ac.uk 
Towsey, Prof Mark Reader in Modern British History  0151 794 2383 M.R.M.Towsey@liverpool.ac.uk 
Whelan, Dr Robin   Robin.Whelan@liverpool.ac.uk 
Wilks-Heeg, Dr Myriam Lecturer in Twentieth Century History   M.Wilks-Heeg@liverpool.ac.uk 
Wu, Dr Junqing   Junqing.Wu@liverpool.ac.uk 

Honorary Staff

Ascott, Dr Diana   0151 794 2410 Ah13@liverpool.ac.uk 
Belchem, Prof John   J.C.Belchem@liverpool.ac.uk 
Blackburn, Dr Sheila   Blackbur@liverpool.ac.uk 
Campbell, Dr Alan   Qx03@liverpool.ac.uk 
Dutton, Prof D    
Finch, Dr Henry    
Foggo, Dr Nicholas   N.Foggo@liverpool.ac.uk 
Foreman, Dr Amanda   Amanda.Foreman@liverpool.ac.uk 
Jarvis, Mr Adrian    
Jones, Dr Claire   C.G.Jones2@liverpool.ac.uk 
Kilfoyle, Dr Lucy   Lucy.Kilfoyle@liverpool.ac.uk 
Lee, Prof Robert   W.R.Lee@liverpool.ac.uk 
Muskett, Dr Gina   G.M.Muskett@liverpool.ac.uk 
Procter, Dr Margaret Senior Lecturer, Record and Archive Studies  0151 794 2411 M.Procter@liverpool.ac.uk 
Stafford, Prof Pauline   Pauline.Stafford@liverpool.ac.uk 
Starkey, Dr Pat   P.M.Starkey@liverpool.ac.uk 
Swain, Dr Nigel Lecturer in Eastern Europe in Twentieth Century  0151 794 2422 Swainnj@liverpool.ac.uk 
Tadman, Dr Michael   M.Tadman@liverpool.ac.uk 

Research staff

Jones, Dr Sophie   Sophie.Jones@liverpool.ac.uk 
Robinson, Dr Michael   Michael.Robinson@liverpool.ac.uk 
Skjonsberg, Dr Max Postdoctoral Research Associate  Max.Skjonsberg@liverpool.ac.uk 
Webb, Mr Tom Postdoctoral Research Associate