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We believe passionately in discussing our research with non-academic audiences to share our love of the past, forge new research questions, inform public debates and contribute to government policies. We contribute to museum exhibitions, host film showings, write blogs, develop smart phone apps, hold policy seminars, co-produce plays and develop educational resources.

We work with an extensive list of public engagement partners, including FACTHistory and PolicyLiverpool AthenaeumLiverpool Medical Institution, National Museums LiverpoolMaD Theatre CompanyPolice Scotland and Tate.

We also contribute to television programmes, including Britain’s Most Historic Towns (Channel 4), A House Through Time  (BBC), Who Do You Think You Are? (BBC), and Cutting Edge (Channel 4), and regularly write for BBC History Magazine and other popular History magazines.


Gangs in Urban Britain 1870 - 1939 Historical image depicting youth gangs of Manchester.

Youth Gangs in Late Victorian Manchester - REF 2021 Case Study

A refreshing, in-depth study of the rise and fall of the 'scuttler' street fighting gangs of Manchester.

Romani Migration between Germany and Britain (1880s-1914): Spaces of Informal Business, Media Spectacle, and Racial Policing Sketch of depicting slavery of an adult and child.

Black History in Germany

Our research has contributed to raising consciousness about European Black History.

Before Tuskegee: racism, power and the culture of medicine under slavery and Jim Crow segregation Touro Infirmary Archives

Dark Medicine: Racism, power and the culture of American slavery

We are uncovering sites of racialised medical exploitation and addressing its legacies.

Digital Panopticon Exhibition of Digital Panopticon Work

Digital Panopticon - REF 2021 Case Study

Using digital resources to offer an open-access website, used for family and genealogical research, teaching resources and as data for stage and television productions.

The Viking Age in the Irish Sea and cross cultural interaction Viking jewellery on a red display.

The Viking Age in the Irish Sea and cross cultural interaction - REF 2021 Case Study

Challenging assumptions about the identities of different Viking groups and their interactions with other peoples.