Photo of Dr Andrew Redden

Dr Andrew Redden PhD

Senior Lecturer in Latin American History History


Personal Statement

Andrew Redden graduated with a BA Single Honours degree in Spanish from the University of Bristol in 1999. He continued his studies at the University of Liverpool (Institute for Latin American Studies) completing a Masters degree in Latin American Studies and then a PhD at the University of Bristol on the Devil in Colonial Peru. His postdoctoral work, also at the University of Bristol was a three year Leverhulme funded project on Angels and Demons in the Hispanic World. He then took up a lectureship in Queen's University Belfast, before coming to Liverpool to teach Latin American History.

Whilst carrying out his research, Andrew lived and worked in various Latin American Countries (Peru, Chile, Colombia, Mexico), Spain and Italy. In Peru he participated in local educational development (teaching English and Maths to local youth) and agricultural development (hands-on agricultural labour and research into sustainable agriculture). His more recent interest in the history of Liberation Theology, post-conflict has taken him to El Salvador where he has participated in and continues to support the solidarity project Music for Hope, a project aimed at teaching music to local youth in order to provide an alternative culture and life to that of the gang-violence that plagues the region. For some of the work he has been doing with Music for Hope see his blog: Music for Hope-Cultures in Music

Click on the following link for a short video about his research and teaching: Research and Teaching Video

He is interested in supervising a range of different PhD topics linked to his diverse research interests focussed particularly on Latin America and the Hispanic World.
PhD's he has supervised to completion and which he currently co-supervises include:
2020-ongoing: ‘From the Cold War to the Drug War: British Foreign Policy in Colombia (1945-2010)’, University of Liverpool (NWSSDTP funded)
2017-ongoing: ‘A Cold-War Conundrum: British ‘Aid’ to El Salvador 1970-2009’, University of Liverpool (NWSSDTP funded).
2016-2021: 'Security to study, freedom to live!': School and University Student Resistance to Military Dictatorship in Chile, 1973-1990', University of Liverpool (NWSSDTP funded).
2013-2016: ‘Revolutionary Christianity in Argentina: Emergence, Formation and Responses to State Terror (1930-1983)’ University of Liverpool (NWSSDTP funded).
2012-2015: ‘Genoa, the Genoese and the Opening of the Atlantic World’ (University of Liverpool) (AHRC funded).
2010-2014: ‘Gender in the Context of Conflict, Peace Building and Post-Conflict Transformation: A Comparative Approach to Women’s Roles in Conflict Situations in Colombia and Post-conflict Northern Ireland’, Queen’s University Belfast (DEL funded).
2009-2012: ‘Myths in the Context of the Mapuche’, Queen’s University Belfast, (DEL funded).