Photo of Dr Alan Greaves

Dr Alan Greaves BA MA PhD PFHEA

Senior Lecturer Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology


Personal Statement

I am passionate about teaching and researching the archaeology of Turkey. My research focuses on the Bronze Age-Iron Age Anatolia (modern Turkey) and its role as a bridge between the cultures of East and West, both ancient and modern. I also work on Archaic Greek archaeology, especially colonisation, economy and religion. I am currently the Chair of Mediterranean Archaeology Research Group.

Key research interests:

Archaic Greece, Ionia, Miletos, migration, cult, Anatolia.
Heritage conservation, heritage education, digital conservation, digital imaging.

Current research students:

J. Brendan Knight
Dan Socaciu

Past research students:

Kostas Georgopoulos -Mycenaeans and Hittites in Western Anatolia (graduated 2009)
Françoise Rutland - John Garstang & Turkey: A Postcolonial Reading (graduated 2013)
Ali Çifçi - Between East and West: A Socio-Economic History of Urartu (graduated 2013)
Megan Thomas - Geomagnetism Secular variation curve for Turkey (graduated 2014)
Helen Murphy-Smith - Population of vicus communities in Roman Britain (graduated 2017)
Kanokporn Nasomtrug - (Self-)Documentation of Thai Communities (graduated 2017)

Postdoctoral staff supervised:

Dr Françoise Rutland
Dr Sarah Duffy

I am the director of the Caltilar Archaeology Project. This is a large-scale multi-disciplinary survey project of two prehistoric settlement mounds (hoyuks) in the mountainous region of SW Turkey known as Lycia in antiquity.

Prizes or Honours

  • National Teaching Fellowship Award (Higher Education Academy, 2005)
  • Sir Alastair Pilkington Award (University of Liverpool, 2005)

Funded Fellowships

  • Holgate Visiting Fellowship (University of Durham, 2005)

Other Personal Distinctions

  • Senior Visiting Fellowship (Research Centre for Anatolia Civilisations, Koç University, Istanbul, 2012)
  • Photographic Exhibition (Fethiye Museum, 2012)
  • Staff Development Workshop (Sydney University, Institute of Education, 2006)