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We are committed to supporting teachers and career advisers who provide information and advice to their students about studying one of our subjects. As part of this commitment, we offer a range of activities, taster sessions and resources designed to give your students a realistic insight into what it's like to study here.

We can work with you to link content to your curriculum or give you a taste of what it is like to study our subjects at University level. Thanks to our wide range of subject areas, we can design sessions that embrace two or more subjects to bring them together for you under a single theme.

Your students

Studying with us, students will learn about a range of fascinating cultures and languages spanning five million years at one of the largest departments of its kind in the world. Next to learning through lectures and discussions, they will have the opportunity to get practical experience during our field school or take part in excavations in locations such as Greece, Sicily, Turkey or Africa.

Students will be taught in our Garstang Museum of Archaeology, with access to a fantastic collection of over 40,000 objects. Archaeology students also have the opportunity to take a placement at the Garstang Museum or at one of Liverpool’s regional museums.

Liverpool schools classics project

We offer lessons in Greek, Latin, Ancient History and Classical Civilisation. This project is funded by Classics for All, a National Charity for Classics in Schools. It is specifically designed for schools who currently can’t teach Classical subjects, wish to enrich the Classical subjects they currently offer or desire to expand their extra-curricular activities.

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For more details about our activities or to sign up to our mailing list, contact Glenn Godenho on Glenn.Godenho@liv.ac.uk or 0151 794 2475.