About this Group

The Egyptology research group studies indigenous Ancient Egyptian culture throughout its existence. Fields of specialisation include the processing and interpretation of original ancient textual material in original script, utilising emerging technologies in digital epigraphy such as RTI and DStretch at Hatnub and photogrammetry as well as more traditional philological methods and epigraphic recording, through to engaging with inter-disciplinary methodologies, e.g. from linguistics, literary theory and ethnography, for approaching this ancient lifeworld. Archaeological fieldwork and material culture work explore the materiality and social construction of the settlement and funerary landscapes, within a multi-disciplinary research context involving cross-departmental and international collaboration.



Dr Violaine Chauvet,

Prof Mark Collier,

Dr Roland Enmarch,

Dr Marina Escolano-Poveda,

Prof Christopher Eyre,

Dr Silvia Zago