Egyptology Research Group

About this Group

Project work

Our projects are focused on three principal areas of research, as follows:

Fieldwork and material remains

  • Excavation, finds processing
  • Environmental and landscape studies, including relations with the desert margins
  • Ancient technology
  • Museum-based studies
  • The architecture of tombs and temples
  • The epigraphic recording of the texts and pictures on tomb walls and ancient quarries.


  • Primary editions and translations of hieroglyphic, cursive hieratic texts or Coptic texts
  • The nature and use of Egyptian literature: literary criticism, authorship and audience, transmission and the performance of Egyptian literature
  • Ritual and theology
  • The study of documentary texts as sources of law, administration and social history
  • Formal linguistic research into the grammar and structure of the ancient language, its writing systems, and the 3,000-year history of the language.

Bringing together material remains, pictorial and textual sources

  • The ritual landscape of Egypt, where the archaeology of religion is brought together with studies of the performance of ritual, the practice of prayer and the nature of religious belief
  • The Ramesside Period, where all aspects of the record are brought together to write the social, cultural and political history of the period
  • The Old Kingdom, where the tomb, pyramid, pictorial and textual records are brought together to reconstruct a picture of early Egyptian religion and society.

Between 2007-2013 the Egyptology Research Group was also responsible for editing The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology – the leading UK academic journal in the field.