Students doing fieldwork on archaeological sites


At Liverpool, we have been training in archaeological fieldwork since 1904. We understand the importance of practical learning to understanding the archaeological process – whether your degree is in Archaeology, Egyptology, or Evolutionary Anthropology.

Fieldwork: Degree requirements

Fieldwork requirements differ by degree programme. The table below breaks down fieldwork requirements by degree code. All students with a degree requirement undertake 2 weeks on our field school.

Degree programme

(no. weeks)

V400 BA Archaeology (100% / 75%)


V401 BA Archaeology of Ancient Civilisations (100% / 75%)


VZ02 BSc Archaeology (100% / 75%)


Archaeology (50%)


VZB1 BSc Evolutionary Anthropology


V410 BA Egyptology (100%)


V410 BA Egyptology (75% / 50%) - except for V4V6, see below 


V4V6 BA Archaeology and Egyptology


VV14 BA Ancient History and Archaeology


V1V4 BA History and Archaeology


25% Archaeology and 25% Egyptology

Fieldwork is not a requirement for 25% Archaeology or 25% Egyptology, nor for Combined Honours degrees. Nevertheless, the Department would like interested students with ALGY components to have the opportunity to take part. If you wish to be considered for a placement please contact Jane Stockley - our HLC Fieldwork Officer.


Archaeological fieldwork can be physically demanding and requires an ability to undertake certain tasks (such as walking, and carrying/using tools and equipment). At Liverpool, our Disability Support Team is committed to supporting students and considering barriers to participation. On student request, we can discuss reasonable adjustments to enable participation for disabled students or provide alternative (non-field) options as appropriate, some closely associated with the local fieldwork. 

We abide by the Higher Education Academy’s good practice guidelines for inclusive fieldwork training.


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