About this Group

The University of Liverpool’s long-standing research into the economies of the Greek, Egyptian and Roman worlds continues to evolve. This research group focuses on new areas and builds a strong material-based strand combining strengths from Archaeology and Ancient History.

Our work

Studies and research focus on:

  • The ancient market and retail trade (the subject of a Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS) funded research network in which Zosia Archibald is the Liverpool lead)
  • Economic administration (Colin Adams’ work on Greek papyri: notably the Chester Beatty collection)
  • The Roman Economy (Fred Hirt’s work on the administration of quarrying and mining and its economic significance)
  • Colin Adams’ work on transport and natural resources
  • Greek and Roman coinage (a major AHRC-funded project led by Matthew Ponting)
  • Animal economy (led by Sue Stallibrass)
  • Ian Shaw’s projects at the Wadi Hammamat mines in Egypt
  • The Gurob Harem Palace Project (in collaboration with Copenhagen University and University College, London (UCL), co-funded by the Carlsberg Foundation)
  • Gebel el-Asr (gneiss and chalcedony mines: in collaboration with University College, London (UCL), Qatar.

Our publications

Please visit our staff pages for details of publications by members of this research group.