Knowledge Exchange

Zosia Archibald chaired a round table on ‘Classics and the media’ at the 2014 Classical Association (CA) conference in Nottingham. This event was attended by CA President and BBC broadcaster, Martha Kearney.

Zosia is also an extraordinary member of the scientific committee and prepared an exhibition at the Musée du Louvre, Paris, which was entitled ‘Le royaume des Odryses’ and featured material from her excavations at the Iron Age commercial centre of Pistiros, Bulgaria.

organised the Gurob Harem Palace Project workshop in July 2012.

Ian also chaired and co-organised a session at BANEA, University College London (UCL) from 7-12 January 2015. The session was entitled 'Social networks and craft mobility in the East Mediterranean in the 3rd and 2nd millennia BC'.

Sue Stallibrass is a regular speaker at regional archaeology day schools and local society lecture series, highlighting the relevance of scientific approaches to studies of ancient economies. This includes occasional hands-on workshop training sessions such as the one held for Lake District National Park Authority archaeology volunteers in June 2014.

Sue has contributed to the North West England, Scottish, and Hadrian’s Wall Archaeological Research Frameworks and regularly organises and delivers Continuous Professional Development (CPD) training, eg.

  • national guidelines
  • day schools
  • casework

on archaeological scientific methods relating to economic and environmental research questions.