Research groups

Our staff and postgraduate students work together in dynamic and supportive research groups that have common interests.

Ancient Economies Collection of ancient coins

Ancient Economies

The University of Liverpool’s long-standing research into the economies of the Greek, Egyptian and Roman worlds, combining strengths from archaeology and ancient history.

Egyptology Egyptian hieroglyphs on papyrus

Egyptology research group

This group focuses on three main areas of research; fieldwork and material remains, textual and bringing together material remains, pictorial and textual sources.

Households and Communities Athenian treasury building

Households and Communities

Examining the nature of religious belief and practice and the interrelationship between the two, from the origins of humanity to the classical Greco-Roman world.

Human Origins stone tool

Human Origins

Focusing on the study of human origins and evolutionary anthropology, in particular, the evolution of hominin cultural abilities and ecological adaptations.

Human Paleoecology Mountain landscape and blue sky

Human Palaeoecology

From late Pleistocene hunter-gatherer societies to the development of early urban communities, the group’s research interests focus on the origin and evolution of human settlement.

Literary Cultures of the Ancient World a page inside the virgil eclogues with ornate decoration script writing and illustrations

Literary Cultures of the Ancient World

Covering a range of authors in prose and verse, this groups focuses on the writing of commentaries, particularly on the imperial period and the Latin panegyric.

The Body Mediterranean rural landscape

The Body

This interdisciplinary research group focusses on the body as a bio-cultural construct in antiquity and modernity.

Receptions Amphitheatre


A group exploring the complex and continual interplay between antiquity and the modern world. Image by David Monniaux via Wikimedia Commons

Network for the Interface of Classics and Politics Ancient statues

The Network for the Interface of Classics and Politics

Investigating the relationship between the ancient world and modern politics and international studies.