Group of archaeological field school students standing together smiling

Student feedback

100% of students – across all degrees – felt the field school was a rewarding part of their first year! Their comments are below.

Building confidence

  • “Taught me what a real dig is like and also brought all course members closer as a group”
  • “A great chance for me to get to know people so my second year at university can be even better”
  • “The social aspect.. has helped settle me at University”
  • “This field school has helped me feel more confident”
  • “Given the opportunity to define my interests and weaknesses as a potential archaeologist”
  • “It has given me a firm grounding in archaeology”
  • “I now feel more confident on a site”


  • “The on-site experience has allowed me to make decisions on where to take my career from here”
  • “I enjoyed the guidance given by the Directors/Supervisors, as well as gaining connections and skills that will help immensely for landing my first archaeology jobs”
  • “Experience in the field is essential for employability and gaining new skills”
  • “It has given me varied skills with which to decide my later path of interest”
  • “The step needed to assess what is the right path for me to take and to learn my strengths and weaknesses”
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed my time and believe I could definitely carry on with it as a job after education”

Learning and teaching

  • “I don’t feel I would have been able to get as comprehensive a learning experience anywhere else”
  • “Learning how to excavate in a fun environment”
  • “The staff were amazing and very helpful and patient”
  • “A good learning experience.. I feel it may help me find work on excavations in the future”
  • “I definitely plan to continue with archaeological fieldwork in the future as it has been the best way of learning for me”
  • “Not only was it so much fun.. but I really enjoyed learning new skills then putting them to practice”

Practical learning

  • “The field school was massively rewarding because it gave me the chance to put the things I had been learning about into practice, as opposed to just reading it from a book/lecture”
  • “No time in a lab or classroom can replace the real world experience gained”
  • “Being at an actual site sparks my enthusiasm.. I have found it to be the best way to absorb techniques and skills”
  • “Helped me understand the technicalities of archaeology so much more”
  • “I had loads of fun on this field school and it has introduced me to the field of Archaeology that no class in the classroom can give you”
  • “Helped to solidify the knowledge that I gained during lectures by showing me them in practice”

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