Literary Cultures of the Ancient World

We explore the use of texts for communication of socio-cultural agendas and identities, as well as the significance of paratexts and literary materiality.

About this Group

The spectrum of our research expertise ranges from Ancient Egypt and Classical Greece to Late Antiquity, and our interests also link to those of the Receptions research group. Within the research group, there is a strong concentration of expertise on Greco-Roman literature from the first to the third century CE. Areas of specialization include: the rhetoric of Egyptian literature of the Middle Kingdom, priestly texts from Greco-Roman Egypt, representations of power and ethnicity in classical Greek historiography, anonymous Greek poetry in the Roman Empire, Latin poetry of the imperial era, praise and panegyric in the Roman Empire, intellectual practices of the Second Sophistic (Plutarch, Aelius Aristides, Athenaeus, Pollux), literary representations of written culture and gardens.



Dr Roland Enmarch,

Dr Marina Escolano-Poveda,

Prof Bruce Gibson,

Dr Alan Greaves,

Dr Fiona Hobden,

Dr Frederick Jones,

Dr Marco Perale,

Dr Georgina Petridou,

Prof Christopher Tuplin,

Dr Alexei Zadorozhny



Detail of a decorated initial (British-Library,-MS-Arundel-389-f.1-v

Detail of a decorated initial (British-Library,-MS-Arundel-389-f.1-v


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