Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology

Gibson, Professor Bruce Professor of Latin and Head of Department  0151 794 2443 
Adams, Professor Colin Professor of Ancient History  0151 794 2439 
Archibald, Dr Zosia Reader in Classical Archaeology  0151 794 2441 
Asouti, Professor Eleni Professor of Archaeology  0151 794 5284 
Baird, Professor Douglas Garstang Professor of Archaeology  0151 794 4392 
Barham, Professor Larry Professor of Archaeology  0151 794 5639 
Cartlidge, Dr Benjamin Lecturer in Greek Culture and Classical Receptions 
Chauvet, Dr Violaine Lecturer in Egyptology  0151 794 2006 
Collier, Professor Mark Professor of Egyptology  0151 794 2468 
Dobney, Prof Keith Professor of Human Palaeoecology 
Enmarch, Dr Roland Senior Lecturer in Egyptology  0151 794 2450 
Escolano Poveda, Dr Marina Lecturer in Classics / Ancient History and Egyptology 
Eyre, Professor Christopher Professor of Egyptology  0151 794 2447 
Fitzjohn, Dr Matthew Senior Lecturer in the Archaeology of the Iron Age  0151 794 5362 
Foxhall, Professor Lin The Rathbone Chair of Ancient History and Classical Archaeology  0151 795 0528 
Freeman, Dr Phil Senior Lecturer in Archaeology  0151 794 4390 
French, Dr Jennifer Lecturer in Palaeolithic Archaeology 
Godenho, Dr Glenn Senior Lecturer in Egyptology  0151 794 2475 
Gowlett, Professor John Professor of Archaeology  0151 794 5045 
Greaves, Dr Alan Reader in Archaeology  0151 794 4394 
Grove, Professor Matt Professor in Archaeology  0151 794 5056 
Hirt, Dr Alfred Senior Lecturer in Roman History  0151 794 2444 
Hommel, Dr Peter Lecturer in Archaeomaterials 
Jones, Dr Frederick Senior Lecturer in Classics  0151 794 2437 
Kenny, Dr Timothy University Teacher in Classics 
Mytum, Professor Harold Professor of Archaeology and Director of the Centre for Manx Studies  0151 794 4321 
Pearson, Professor Jessica Professor of Bioarchaeology  0151 794 5050 
Perale, Dr Marco Lecturer in Classics  0151 794 2469 
Petridou, Dr Georgia Reader in Ancient Greek History 
Ponting, Dr Matthew Reader in Archaeomaterials  0151 794 4393 
Pope, Dr Rachel Reader in Later European Prehistory  0151 794 5051 
Routledge, Dr Bruce Reader in Archaeology  0151 794 4397 
Sinclair, Professor Anthony Professor of Archaeology  0151 794 4391 
Tuplin, Professor Christopher Gladstone Professor of Greek  0151 794 2446 
Widell, Dr Magnus Reader in Assyriology  0151 794 2578 
Zadorozhny, Dr Alexei Senior Lecturer in Greek Language and Literature  0151 794 2453 
Zago, Dr Silvia Lecturer in Egyptology 
Zali-Schiel, Dr Vasiliki Lecturer in Classics  0151 794 3082 

Research Staff

Butler, Dr James Digital Humanities Postdoctoral Research Associate (Human Remains Project) 
Cahilly-Bretzin, Mr Glenn Medieval Research Assistant (Human Remains Project) 
Downs, Mr George Research Assistant, British Council (CPF) (Archaeology) 
Duffy, Dr Sarah British Council (CPF) Postdoctoral Research Associate (Archaeology) 
Foster, Miss Katherine Project Administrator (Human Remains Project) 
Hoare, Dr Sally Leverhulme Trust Postdoctoral Research Associate (Archaeology) 
Jackson, Dr Stella Research Assistant, Historic Built Environment Knowledge Exchange Project (Archaeology)   
Kabukcu, Dr Ceren Gerda Henkel Stiftung Post-Doctoral Research Scholar 
Marin-Aguilera, Dr Beatriz Derby Fellow (Legacies of Empire) 
Nugent, Dr Ruth UKRI Future Leader's Fellow  0151 794 9833 
Philpott, Dr Robert Research Associate 
Plug, Dr Jo-Hannah Postdoctoral Research Associate in Archaeology  0151 794 2474 
Swallow, Dr Rachel Data Assistant (Human Remains Project) 
Van Regenmortel, Dr Charlotte Leverhulme Early Career Fellow 

Garstang Museum of Archaeology

Criscenzo-Laycock, Dr Gina Curator, Garstang Museum of Archaeology 
General Enquiries    0151 794 6793  

Archaeology Technicians

Scott, Mr Christopher Senior Archaeology Technician 

Honorary and Emeritus Staff

Akçer Ön, Dr Sena Honorary Research Fellow 
Aloumpi, Dr Myrto Honorary Research Fellow 
Brighouse, Dr Phyllis Honorary Research Fellow 
Bulmer, Ms Peta Honorary Research Fellow (Archaeology) 
Campbell, Dr Lorrae Honorary Research Fellow 
Clare, Dr Ross Honorary Research Fellow 
Cromwell, Dr Jennifer Honorary Research Fellow  0151 795 8536 
Crompton, Prof Robin Honorary Professor 
Dardeniz Arikan, Dr Gonca Honorary Research Fellow 
Davey, Dr Peter Honorary Research Fellow (Archaeology) 
Davies, Em P John Emeritus Rathbone Professor of Ancient History and Classical Archaeology and Honorary Senior Fellow 
Dawood, Mr Khaled Honorary Research Fellow (Egyptology) 
Draycott, Dr Catherine Honorary Research Fellow (Classics) 
Ford, Mr James Honorary Research Fellow 
Garnett, Dr Anna Honorary Research Fellow 
Gaynor, Mr Joseph Honorary Research Fellow 
Hamdon, Dr Alaa Honorary Research Fellow 
Harrison, Prof Thomas Honorary Professor of Ancient History & Classical Archaeology 
Higgins, Dr David Honorary Research Fellow & Chairman of the National Pipe Archive (Archaeology) 
Hobden, Dr Fiona Honorary Research Fellow  0151 794 2449 
Kenny, Dr Timothy Honorary Research Fellow 
Kitchen, Kenneth Personal and Brunner Professor Emeritus of Egyptology & Honorary Senior Fellow   
Kuman , Prof Kathleen Ann Honorary Professor 
Latham, Dr Alfred Honorary Senior Fellow (Archaeology)   
Martinez Morales, Miss Jennifer Honorary Research Fellow (Egyptology) 
Massheder-Rigby, Kerry Honorary Research Fellow 
Matczak, Dr Magdalena Honorary Research Fellow 
Meskell, Prof Lynn Honorary Professor 
Millard, Em P Alan Rankin Professor Emeritus of Hebrew and Ancient Semitic languages & Honorary Senior Fellow  0151 794 2537 
Miyake, Prof Yutake Honorary Research Fellow (Archaeology) 
Mustafaoglu, Dr Gokhan Honorary Research Fellow (Archaeology) 
Nash, Dr George Harold Honorary Research Fellow 
Pethen, Dr Hannah Honorary Research Fellow (Egyptology) 
Potter, Dr Amanda Honorary Research Fellow 
Price, Dr Campbell Honorary Research Fellow (Egyptology) 
Quiroga Puertas, Dr Alberto Honorary Research Fellow (Classics) 
Routledge, Dr Carolyn Honorary Research Fellow (Archaeology)   
Rucina , Dr Stephen Mathai Honorary Research Fellow 
Rutland, Dr Francoise Honorary Research Fellow 
Saito, Ms Yukiko Honorary Research Fellow 
Salvin, Dr Alessandra Honorary Research Fellow 
Sanderson, Miss Elaine Honorary Research Fellow  0151 794 2400 
Seager, Mr Robin Honorary Senior Fellow (Classics)   
Shaw, Prof Ian Honorary Senior Fellow (Egyptology) 
Shaw, Em P John Emeritus Professor of Geomagnetism & Honorary Senior Fellow  0151 794 3463 
Snape, Dr Steven Honorary Professor (Egyptology) 
Stallibrass, Dr Sue Honorary Senior Fellow (Archaeology)  0151 794 5046 
Swallow, Dr Rachel Honorary Research Fellow 
Taietti, Dr Guendalina Honorary Research Fellow 
Twiston-Davies, Mr Huw Honorary Research Fellow 
Ware, Dr Catherine Honorary Research Fellow (Classics) 
White, Dr Susan Honorary Research Fellow & Curator of the National Pipe Archive (Archaeology) 
Williams, Dr Alan 
Wragg Sykes, Dr Rebecca Maria Honorary Research Fellow