Sue Stallibrass is organising a session on 'Food and Drink' for the LIMES Congress at Ingoldstadt, September 2015.

Seminars during Session 2014-15

  • 'Migration in Roman Egypt: problems and possibilities' (Colin Adams)
  • 'Athenian exceptionalism: a social approach to Athenians and their peers in the fourth century BC'  (Zosia Archibald)
  • 'Legal Petitions in The Archive of Theophanes (AD 300-325) (Lucinda Kirby)
  • 'Large-scale fishing and fish salting in the Roman world: some considerations on capital, labour, and organisation', delivered by guest speaker, Annalisa Marzano (Reading)

Forthcoming seminars during term-time are also advertised on our departmental events listings.

Past conferences

Sue Stallibrass presented papers highlighting the relevance of mineral and livestock resources to the economy of the Roman Empire at the following conferences:

  • Roman Archaeology Conference (March 2014)
  • Reading UK & the Joint Association for Environmental Archaeology/ UK Archaeological Sciences Conference, Cardiff (April 2013).

Sue also organised the Empires session at the International Council for Archaeozoology (ICAZ) Conference, Paris (August 2010).

Colin Adams co-organized two Liverpool Conferences:

  • Representing Administration and Bureaucracy’ (2012)
  • Bureacracy, Corruption, and Accountability in Historical Perspective’ (2011)

Zosia Archibald co-organised the Liverpool conference ‘Retail and wholesale in the Greek and Roman eastern Mediterranean' (2011).