About this Group

We explore the complex and continual interplay between antiquity and the modern world.

In addition to looking at how ancient texts and artefacts are translated, adapted, and transformed as they enter modern media and settings, we interrogate the social, cultural, intellectual, and political impacts of encounters with antiquity through its literary and material remains.

‌Current studies

These include:

  • Writing ancient Persia in the 19th and 20th centuries (Prof Tom Harrison)
  • Early archaeologists (Dr Phil Freeman)
  • Ancient history on television (Dr Fiona Hobden)
  • Herodotus in antiquity and Byzantium (Dr Vasiliki Zali)
  • Latin poetry and rhetoric in modern literature and oratory (Prof Bruce Gibson)
  • Plutarch’s influence on the Russian author Tolstoy (Dr Alexei Zadorozhnyy)
  • Histories of the Occidental nude, c. 2nd – 16th C AD (Dr Fred Jones)


Our Group collaborates closely with the University’s Eighteenth-Century Worlds Research Group and the Faculty research cluster on ‘Adaptation & Renewal’ (co-chaired by Fiona Hobden).

We also host joint events with the Liverpool Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies.

Our publications

Please visit our staff pages for details of publications by members of this research group.