Photo of Dr Violaine Chauvet

Dr Violaine Chauvet Ph.D.

Lecturer in Egyptology Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology


    Personal Distinctions

    • Text and Archaeology: Assessing the Historical Validity of Tomb-Inscriptions (Invitation to Speak, University of Cambridge 2014)
    • Aspects of Tomb Decoration in the Old Kingdom (Invitation to Speak, The North-East Ancient Egypt Society 2014)
    • Tanis and Karnak: Temples in the 21st Dynasty (Invitation to Speak, Albany Institute of History and Art (N.Y) 2014)
    • It’s Not All About Sex, or Is It? Mothers in Private Tomb Decoration (Invitation to Speak, American Research Centre In Egypt 2014)
    • Preservation, Desecration and Memory in Old Kingdom Tombs (Invitation to Speak, American Research Centre In Egypt 2012)
    • Seminar: Entrance Porticoes: 'Liminal and Ritual Spaces in Old Kingdom Private Tombs' (Invitation to Speak, Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Oxford 2010)
    • Lecture: 'Entrance Porticoes and the Monumentalization of Private Tomb Environment' (Invitation to Speak, Czech Institute of Egyptology 2010)
    • 'All for One and One for All: Family Tombs in the Old Kingdom' (Invitation to Speak, American Research Center in Egypt: Washington DC Chapter 2005)
    • 'Building a Tomb: A Family Business' (Invitation to Speak, Egyptological Seminar, New York 2004)

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