University of Liverpool Geology and Geophysics programmes, including joint honours programmes with physical geography, build on a one-hundred-year long tradition of high-quality field-based teaching and learning. The fieldwork programme is carefully designed to develop field skills progressively over the first two years, enabling you to complete an independent field-based project at the start of Year 3. Year 3 and year 4 field classes then train you to further develop and apply those field skills to understand and predict geology in 3D for a range of possible applications, from exploring for natural resources to understanding and predicting hazards present on an active volcano.

The Earth Sciences field class programme includes the following field classes:

Field class title


Degree programmes who attend

Year 1



ENVS109 - Introduction to Field Geology

Pembrokeshire, Wales

All programmes except BSc Geophysics (Physics)

Year 2



ENVS293 - Field Mapping Techniques

North Yorkshire, UK

All programmes except BSc Geophysics (Physics)

Year 3



ENVS351 - Advanced Geology Field Techniques

Donegal, Ireland

BSc and MESci Geology and MESci Geology and Geophysics

ENVS362/562 - Geophysics Field School

Isle of Man, UK

Geophysics and MESci Geology and Geophysics

ENVS368 - Geodynamics of the Mediterranean


Geology and Physical Geography (GPG)

ENVS374/574 - Basins to Mountains Fieldclass


Geology and MESci Geology and Geophysics

ENVS375/575 - Applied Geology and Geohazards of the Canary Islands

Tenerife, Spain

Geology and MESci Geology and Physical Geography (GPG)

Please note our field class locations vary from year to year, and are subject to change. The above is our current offer for years 1-3.