Careers and the Future


Many of our graduates take postgraduate Masters courses, or undertake PhD research projects. Some work for national organisations such as the Environment Agency and the British Geological Survey, commonly with overseas postings. Others now work in industry or in consultancy, as well as in the oil and gas industry, mining, groundwater exploitation and engineering geology.

Some graduates have used their broad scientific training to teach, or to enter business where numeracy, independent thought and problem solving abilities are essential.


A geophysics degree prepares you for a wide range of possible careers.  Many students, inspired by the individual research they do as part of their degree, progress to postgraduate courses or research in universities or research institutes.

Many find work in the oil or mineral exploration industries, and such careers can lead beyond the initial scientific post into the highest reaches of large multi-national companies. However, the range of skills acquired allow our graduates to progress to a wide range of careers, from accountancy, to consultancy, to teaching.