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    Department of Earth, Ocean and Ecological Sciences

    The past and future of the solid Earth, the oceans and life are all inexorably linked. In this department we research and teach about the solid Earth, about the climate and oceans, and about how groups of organisms evolve and interact.

    Study Earth Sciences

    Study Earth Sciences

    Earth Sciences at the University of Liverpool is the scientific study of our planet Earth; to save our planet we need to understand our planet.

    Study Climate & Ocean Sciences

    Study climate and ocean sciences

    Our work examining how the ocean is responding to climate change is enriched by links with the National Oceanography Centre situated on campus.

    Study Ecology & Marine Biology

    Study ecology and marine biology

    Our marine biology division combines cutting-edge theory with a focus on applied, real-world issues such as marine conservation and climate change. 

    Study Environmental Science

    Study environmental science

    Environmental Science is the study of Planet Earth. From its past to its future, from its centre to upper atmosphere, from microscopic life to giant whales and dinosaurs.



    We are renowned for our research work in volcanology, seismology, marine Biology and climate change.

    Research Facilities

    Research facilities

    We have the resources you need to complete your research or education.