Members of the Earth, Ocean and Ecological Sciences Department are involved in a range of outreach activities, both locally and nationally, with students in schools and colleges, teachers and the general public. Outreach activities allow us to share our enthusiasm for these subjects with the wider community.

We hope that our activities will encourage people to consider studying Geology and/or Geophysics, Ocean Sciences or Ecology & Marine Biology as subjects or interests. 

News and Outreach Events

In Geology and Geophysics our team of experts hopes its outreach activities will encourage people to study these subjects.  Strong links are maintained with the Liverpool Geological Society.

The School of Environmental Sciences newsletter is produced twice a year.  This newsletter not only describes what’s going on in the school, but also keeps you up to date with news about the exciting and interesting things our geologists and physicists (both staff and students) have been doing at Liverpool - and in different parts of the world.

As part of our outreach programme we produce web-based teaching resources suitable for use in schools, colleges and universities. (Click on the ‘Resources’ section to find out more about the resources that are available)

We are also keen to help local teachers teaching the Earth Science topics in the National Curriculum or those teachers setting up geology courses in schools.  Team members can offer advice and provide information about local geological sites useful for fieldwork activities.  For further information, please contact Maggie Williams by sending an email to: hiatus@liv.ac.uk

We regularly host symposia and run courses and educational events that are open to the wider community.  Outreach events include in-service training courses for ‘A’ level Geology teachers, courses for students in schools and the Herdman Symposium.