Oceans and Climate

This theme brings together a world-leading set of activities linked to the functioning of ocean physics, biogeochemistry and sea level with a particular focus on the interactions and responses to climate at global and regional scales, including coastal waters.

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Oceans and Climate lead research expeditions on oceanographic research ships, develop and analyse state of the art models of ocean functioning. Researchers in this theme are involved in delivering key information of the response of oceans to climate change to national (e.g. Government agencies) and international stakeholders (e.g. IPCC). 

We are addressing fundamental questions about the role of the ocean in a changing climate across space and time. Our research includes understanding ocean-atmosphere interactions related to heat and carbon storage, sea level change, the effect of multiple stressors on marine ecosystems and developing techniques to detect pollutants. Our research delivers the new knowledge essential for national and international climate change impact assessments and policy initiatives, including those by Defra and the IPCC.