Fieldwork North Yorkshire

North Yorkshire Field Visit

This 10-day field class takes place in the Yorkshire Dales, a landscape that offers exceptional geology and geomorphology settings in which to conduct your field mapping training. In this field class you will explore the sedimentary and structural geology and later geomorphological processes of the Austwick area in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales National Park. The work provides core training in geomorphological mapping, as well geological mapping and interpretation of compressional tectonics and evolving sedimentary depositional environments. The trip is carefully structured to improve your 3D visualization and mapping skills within an area containing complex but accessible geology and geomorphology. This training is designed to provide confidence and skill development before you undertake your 3rd year independent research mapping project.



The Yorkshire field class entails a single 10-day field exercise where you will map the geomorphological features and lithological and structural geological aspects of a single valley area. You will practise and improve your field notebook skills, field sketching, and 3-dimensional data acquisition, with which you will generate a fully realised geological and geomorphological map. From your data informed maps, you will also practise your cross-section skills and develop a generalised vertical section (GVS) of the geology of the region.

After an initial guided reconnaissance of the field site, student work is primarily independent, you will be expected to map the area on your own using guidance from the staff that will be in the field area with you. This will build your confidence and skills for tackling you undergraduate mapping work in 3rd year. You will be assessed on the produced map, cross-section, and GVS as well as your data collection skills in your notebook, and your ability to synthesise, analyse, and test geological hypotheses, all reported in your field notebook. As you conduct your field mapping you will also hone your transferable skills such as time management, logistical planning, and data management and visualisation.