Introduction to Field Geology

Pembrokeshire Fieldclass

The best place to study geology is in the field, especially if it’s as beautiful and as geologically interesting as Pembrokeshire in southwest Wales. This week-long residential fieldclass runs around Eastertime in the first year and forms the first part of Liverpool’s structured fieldwork programme which will shape your skills as a practical, competent and confident field geologist.

Building on the knowledge and understanding gained in lectures and practicals in Liverpool, this class will provide you with a basic training in field techniques and give you the chance to work with a wide range of rocks and structures to solve geological problems. By studying igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks, fossils, and tectonic structures, you will learn how to systematically record geological data in the field, and how to interpret your data to figure out what Pembrokeshire was like millions of years ago.

You will be assessed predominantly in the field, on the basis of the observations and interpretations presented in your field notebook, sedimentary logs, maps, cross-sections, and so on. The final assessment will be a group presentation where you will put your fieldwork into a wider spatial and temporal context to describe the geological evolution of Pembrokeshire.