Tenerife Field Visit

During this 9-day trip to the Island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands, you will discover the fascinating insights that can be revealed from carrying out fieldwork on a volcanic island. Tenerife is an excellent site in which to base a comprehensive study of volcanic processes and hazards. You will study a huge range of volcanic materials, learning how to interpret their mode of formation and deposition from the observations you have made.

Some of the key phenomena we will investigate include the nature of volcanic plumbing systems, explosive volcanism, catastrophic caldera collapse and the dynamics of pyroclastic density currents. We will explore the causes and consequences of volcano collapse, evaluating the ways in which this has been investigated in the literature and the role of hype in the media.

Main Body

The Tenerife fieldtrip forms part of the ENVS404 Volcanic Processes module, which is an optional module for students on the MESci degree programmes in Geology (F601) and Geology & Physical Geography (FF68). This is an M-Level course that runs every other year, and so you will have the opportunity to attend either in your third or fourth year of study.