Hardwick Group


Group Leader


Prof Laurence Hardwick



Post-Doctoral Researchers


Dr Iain Aldous


In situ AFM on metal-oxygen batteries



Dr Laura Cabo-Fernandez


Ex situ and in situ Raman studies of electrode/electrolyte interfaces in different anode and cathode materials for lithium ion batteries.


Dr Tom Galloway


Using enhanced Raman spectroscopy to study the fundamental reactions in the metal-oxygen battery



Dr Alex Neale  


Electrochemical and spectroscopic investigations for the development of electrolytes for lithium-metal and lithium-oxygen batteries


PhD Students


Mr Stephen Hughes


High temperature electrochemistry and in situ Raman spectroscopy of metal chloride formation on electrode surfaces, with applications in the sodium metal-chloride battery.


Mr José Coca Clemente


XPS studies of lithium rich transition metal oxides as high capacity and high voltage Li-ion battery cathodes 


Mr Filipe Braga Nogueira


Application of graphenic materials as cathodes in lithium-oxygen and sodium-oxygen battery systems.


Mr Christopher Sole


Carbon materials for energy storage focusing on applications of graphene for high rate lithium and sodium ion batteries.


Mr Petar Radjenovic



Mr Scott Lewis


Proton conductivity within 3D porous organic cage networks and their potential application in PEM fuel cells; electrochemical impedance spectroscopy

MChem Students


Mr Dillon McGurty                                                                                                                                                                                                 


Glenda Wall (Research and Impact Officer, University of Liverpool, UK)

Dr Jianli Zou (Post-Doctoral Researcher)

Dr Arturas Adomkevicius (Post-Doctoral Researcher, University of Swansea, UK)

Dr Tzu-Ho Wu 

Dr Vivek Padmanabhan ( Post-Doctoral Researcher, University of Southampton, UK)

Dr Nick Drewett (Post-Doctoral Researcher,CIC Energiguine, Spain)

Dr Alex Neale (PhD student at Queens University Belfast, UK)

Mrs Maryam Iftekhar (Visiting Scientist)‌

Ms Hui Wang (Visiting Scientist)

Mr Michael Potts (Project Student)

Mr Jokin Rikarte (Visiting Scientist)

Mrs Monazza Serwar (Visiting Scientist)

Jack Smith (MChem Project Student)

Dr David Hesp (Visiting Scientist)

Ms Sabine Gruber (Diploma Student)

Mr Matthew Michie

Mr Oliver Rogan