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Chemistry research impact

The University of Liverpool’s Department of Chemistry ranked 2nd during the 2014 UK Research Excellence Framework. Building on this success through strategic collaboration, recruitment and institutional planning, here we showcase selected high-impact and pioneering research.

Energy efficient maritime transport Category Pic

Nanochemical systems for energy efficient maritime transport

Mitigating the ecological and economical cost of the shipping transport sector.

Small solutions to huge challenges hiv module

Small solutions to huge challenges: nanomedicine for HIV and other diseases

Making HIV drugs more affordable for the poorest of countries.

Enhancing chemistry education across the world Category pic

Enhancing Chemistry education across the world

ChemTube3D, an open source learning tool for visualising molecular structures.

Tackling antibacterial resistance Category pic

Smart surfaces to tackle biofilms and antibacterial resistance

Collaborating with industrial partners to deliver advanced antimicrobial surfaces.

Postgraduate research student

Postgraduate research

The Chemistry department is a place where academic and industrial researchers work side by side, sharing knowledge in highly advanced research labs. Our world-leading, multi-disciplinary research expertise, unparalleled facilities and dynamic support infrastructure can revolutionise your research and development.