Rosseinsky Group

Our research targets the synthesis of new materials. The motivation for this work is both to discover new physical and chemical properties for enhanced fundamental understanding and to provide improved figures-of-merit for applications in sectors such as energy storage and generation, communications and separation and catalysis.

We adopt an approach involving a broad range of synthesis and characterisation methods (including neutron and synchrotron X-ray diffraction), and apply computational methods in collaboration with Dr George Darling to enhance understanding of the new materials. Much of this work is carried out in collaboration with Dr. John Claridge, Professor Andrew Cooper and Professor Paul Chalker (Materials, Liverpool), as well as many UK and international partner groups. Several current research areas are outlined on our research pages.


Professor Matt Rosseinsky FRS read his first degree in Chemistry at St. John's College, Oxford in 1987. He completed his DPhil at Merton College, Oxford in 1990. After two years in Bell Labs, he worked at Oxford University. He took up the new Chair of Inorganic Chemistry at Liverpool in October 1999. He is married with three children.

First Degree BA (Hons)   Chemistry, St. John's College, University of Oxford, 1987
DPhil                                        "Physical Properties of Superconducting Oxides and Radical Cation Salts", Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory, University of Oxford, 1990
Post Doctoral   Work Bell Laboratories, New Jersey, 1990-92
Previous Position                       University Lecturer, Department of Chemistry, University of Oxford, 1992-99

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