Aïssa Group

Group members

Group Leader

Christophe Aissa


Dr Christophe Aissa



PhD Students

Sarah Livesley


Sarah Livesley



Lucas Vidal


Christopher Janot

Dr. Christopher Janot (2015-19)

Now at AstraZeneca (Macclesfield), UK

Daniel Clare


Dr. Daniel Clare (PhD 2015-19)

Now at Sygnature Discovery, UK


Fathi Elwrfalli

Dr. Fathi Elwrfalli (PhD 2014–19)

Manuel Barday


Dr. Manuel Barday (PhD 2014-18)

Now at the University of Rouen, France


Dr Yannick Esvan


Dr. Yannick Esvan (Postdoc 2017-18)

Now at Charnwood Molecular, UK


Stephanie Yip


Dr. Stephanie Yip (PhD 2011-15)

Now at AstraZeneca (Macclesfield), UK


Maria Pin-No

Dr. María Pin-Nó (PhD 2012-16)

Now at the Cornelius Specialities, UK

Daniel Tetlow

Dr. Daniel Tetlow (Postdoc 2011-13)

Now at University of Manchester

Kelvin Ho


Dr. Kelvin Ho (PhD 2010-14)

Now at YProtech


Damien Crepin


Dr. Damien Crépin (PhD 2008-12)

Now at Sygnature Discovery, UK