All job vacancies in the UK must be advertised by law. Most universities, including Liverpool, use the website www.jobs.ac.uk 

The University’s own website for advertising vacancies is www.liverpool.ac.uk/working/jobvacancies/

Whenever vacancies are advertised, there will be a free and open competition for the positions. We always want to encourage the best applicants. To make an application you must apply to the University by the formal mechanisms indicated in the links from the job advertisement.  Please note that if no vacancy is advertised, then there is no vacancy available at the present time.


To apply for any PhD studentship at Liverpool, including in Condensed Matter Physics, then please do apply via the centralised gateway. Please specify the field of study that interests you, or if you wish to apply generally to CMP (state the project or supervisor’s name), please specify ‘Condensed Matter Physics’ in your application.

Funding:  please check your eligibility for funding for a PhD before you apply, or else state where your funding will come from (e.g. government source). If you are eligible for funding for one of our projects, or you have funding from another source, then we will be in a position to consider your application in the free and open competition for places. Please note that we get about 6 enquiries per day from people who are not eligible for funding and who have not read the eligibility requirements.

Cold and controlled ion–radical reactions - Supervisor: Dr Brianna Heazlewood - closing date 11th March 2022


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Internships will be advertised as they become available.

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Jobs, studentships and summer placements will be advertised as they become available.