Physics research at the University of Liverpool

Condensed Matter Physics

Welcome to the Condensed Matter Physics home page. CMP at Liverpool embraces a wide range of physics that is aimed at making a positive impact on life, technology and innovation by developing both fundamental and applied understanding relevant to modern issues. Our current areas of activity centre around:

Nanoscience – the physics of matter and processes on the nanometer scale giving rich opportunities for fundamental understanding and practical applications. Includes surface physics, electrochemical interfaces and hybrid nanomaterials.

Biophysics - the use of the quantitative methodology of physics in the study of biological and medical problems. Includes new tools for cancer diagnostics, advanced investigations of tissue structure and function and image analysis for medical, biological and other applications.

Energy – the physics to tackle the biggest problem of our age – the supply of sustainable energy whilst reducing CO2 emissions. Includes solar fuels, solar photovoltaic materials and devices, materials for thermoelectrics and the physics of advanced sustainable materials for energy applications. See also Stephenson Institute for Renewable Energy.

Please explore further details of our research, personnel, facilities, activities and job/studentship opportunities on these pages. If you have queries, please don’t hesitate to contact the relevant expert listed on our pages.

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