Physics Education Research

Welcome to our Physics Education Research (PER) hub, where rigorous scholarship meets dynamic pedagogy to redefine the future of physics instruction. Here, we delve deep into the mechanics of the educational process, utilising an evidence-based approach to explore and improve physics teaching and learning.

We bring a distinctive focus on research topics involving laboratory-based learning, understanding how experimental setups can be optimised to boost knowledge acquisition and skill development. In-depth analysis of institutional data helps us discern trends, uncover challenges, and formulate effective strategies for change. 

Recognising the importance of student motivation, we are committed to fostering an engaging and stimulating learning environment. Our research investigates cognitive, affective, and social factors that influence motivation, and ways to tailor pedagogy to stimulate curiosity, maintain interest, and promote a deeper understanding of physics. 

Moreover, our commitment to equity-centered methods underpins every aspect of our teaching and research. We aim to democratise physics education, promoting inclusivity and diversity in our classrooms and beyond. We are developing strategies to break down barriers and biases, working towards a physics community that truly reflects the diverse world we live in. 

Join us in our mission to revolutionise physics education through rigorous research, innovative pedagogy, and a steadfast commitment to equality and inclusivity. Let's make physics education accessible, engaging, and meaningful for all.

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