A view looking through the bore of the EMEC, HEC1 and HEC2 wheels inside the Liquid Argon End Cap Cryostat. ATLAS Experiment © 2004 CERN

Particle Physics

The Liverpool particle physics group conducts experiments into the fundamental nature of matter and the laws which govern its properties. We are probing the universe at its extremes; studying most energetic collisions ever created at the LHC and trying to understand the unknown "dark" content of the cosmos.

Our experiments are conducted across three continents at the world’s forefront particle physics laboratories and in-house with unique facilities to Liverpool. We are at the heart of key detectors at CERN and are constantly striving to upgrade and improved their physics reach. At the same time we are developing new techniques to make some of the most precise measurements ever made in physics and are pioneering completely novel approaches to exploring for new physics.

Our physicists play major roles in all of our collaborative experiments leading analyses as diverse as Higgs studies and measuring the mysterious phenomenon of neutrino oscillation.

It is our aim to be an international leader in the current generation of particle physics experiments and to play a central role in the creation and planning of the next.

We are one of the largest groups in the UK with over 70 staff members and affiliates.

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Academic Staff Members

Prof Joost Vossebeld (Group Leader) Joost.Vossebeld@liverpool.ac.uk
Prof Constantinos Andreopoulos C.Andreopoulos@liverpool.ac.uk
Prof Themis Bowcock Themis.Bowcock@liverpool.ac.uk
Dr Sergey Burdin S.Burdin@liverpool.ac.uk
Prof Gianluigi Casse Gcasse@liverpool.ac.uk
Dr Jonathon Coleman J.Coleman@liverpool.ac.uk
Em Prof John Dainton Jbd@liverpool.ac.uk
Prof Monica D'Onofrio Monica.Donofrio@liverpool.ac.uk
Dr John Fry J.R.Fry@liverpool.ac.uk
Prof Tim Greenshaw Green@liverpool.ac.uk
Dr Carl Gwilliam C.Gwilliam@liverpool.ac.uk
Dr David Hutchcroft Dhcroft@liverpool.ac.uk
Prof Max Klein Max.Klein@liverpool.ac.uk
Prof Uta Klein Uta.Klein@liverpool.ac.uk
Dr Jan Kretzschmar Jan.Kretzschmar@liverpool.ac.uk
Dr Konstantinos Mavrokoridis K.Mavrokoridis@liverpool.ac.uk
Prof Neil McCauley N.McCauley@liverpool.ac.uk
Prof Andrew Mehta Mehta@liverpool.ac.uk
Dr Joe Price Joe.Price@liverpool.ac.uk
Dr Nikolaos Rompotis Nikolaos.Rompotis@liverpool.ac.uk
Dr Joachim Rose Joachim.Rose@liverpool.ac.uk
Prof Tara Shears Tara.Shears@liverpool.ac.uk
Prof Christos Touramanis C.Touramanis@liverpool.ac.uk