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Condensed Matter Physics Seminars

2024 (Tuesdays in SIRE, 1-2 pm)

30th January Dr James Ingham (University of Liverpool) Tackling real-world cancer problems using a variety of infrared techniques and machine learning
6th February Dr Sam Coates (University of Liverpool)  Quasicrystals, aperiodicity, and things to make and do in the nth dimension
13th February Dr Eleanor Doman (University of Manchester)  Blood flow within heterogenous porous structures
5th March Dr Francesco Boselli (Durham University) Fluid mechanics and development of mosaic ciliated tissues
12th March Professor Amit Charaborty (National Institute of Technology, Durgapur, India Nanoscale engineering of transition metal compounds for energy harvesting and storage applications
19th March Professor Layla Mehdi (University of Liverpool)   Understanding nanoscale processes in Li-ion batteries by operandi scanning transmission electron microscopy

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In addition to the Condensed Matter Physics talks please also note the Stephenson Institute seminar series.


2022/23 13:00 in the SIRE Seminar Room unless otherwise stated

21st March

Dr Elisabetta Arca (University ofNewcastle)

X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy for characterisation of energy materials: from post-mortem analysis to in-operando methods

19th April Professor Scott Shaw (University of Iowa, USA)

Electrochemical tools to disclose the electrochemical reduction mechanism of carbon dioxide in aprotic solvents and ionic liquids

25th April Professor Scott Shaw (University of Iowa, USA) Two (or three) phase Electrochemistry
2nd May Dr Lauren McHugh (University of Liverpool)  Metal organic framework glasses
9th May Professor Ian Burgess (University of Saskatchewan, Canada)  Studying electrochemical interfaces with advanced operando infrared methods (ONLINE)
15th May Dr Laurie King (Manchester Metropolitan) Precious-metal-free catalysts for-effective green hydrogen generation
13th June Alexey Ganin (University of Glasgow) Nitrides for electrocatalysts for the hydrogen evolution reaction
27th June David Raciti (National Institute of Standards and Technology, NIST, USA) Insights into Cu Surface Chemistry Via in-Operando nanoparticle Enhanced Vibrational Spectroscopy
4th July Professor Paul Chalker (University of Liverpool) Atomic Layer Deposition: development of advanced coatings 
17th October Professor Heather Lewandowski (University of Colorado) Cold Molecular Physics
31st October: Dr Joe Forth (University of Liverpool) Squishy Devices – From 3D-Printed Water to a Brain-on-a-Chip
1 November 2022 Dr Claudia Tait (Oxford) Insights into the charge separation mechanism in organic photovoltaics by Electron Spin Resonance
15 November 2022 Professor Robert Hoye (Oxford) TBC


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