Physics Outreach - University of Liverpool

Public Engagement


Members of the department deliver talks on particle physics, the Large Hadron Collider, neutrinos, latest particle physics news, the Higgs boson, antimatter, dark matter, the scientific method, CERN, and most things that these topics connect to.

Tara Shears

For example, Tara Shears delivers talks at science festivals, to learned societies, at TEDx events, to a variety of audiences. Many of these are recorded and available online. See, for example

TEDx events:

Debates: with philosophers, authors, scientists:

Learned Societies:

Tara also hosts films, guests in documentaries, and is frequently interviewed. She was the Principal Investigator on a 2016 Royal Society Summer exhibit showcasing antimatter, and participates in the Liverpool University sponsored CERN/FACT Arts@CERN Collide International Residency programme.



More details of Tara’s engagement, and upcoming events, are available here.