Classics & Ancient History

The department


Masters degrees

Our MA in Classics offers intensive preparation for further research and the development of transferable skills and training valued by employers. The degree shares many modules with our MA in Ancient History.

Our MRes programme offers more independent study than an MA and is often a route to PhD study.  The MRes provides a personalised and focused introduction to research which allows you to develop as an independent researcher with the support of an expert in your chosen subject area.

Teaching ranges from one-to-one support and small-group seminars to larger workshops involving the whole cohort.

Research programme


Exceptional library facilities, including the Sydney Jones Library with its excellent Classical collections.


You can take part in a wide range of activities that include:

  • Teaching
  • Organising research events
  • Participating in the Liverpool Classical Association events
  • organising seminars and conferences, Liverpool Classical Association events
  • Outreach work
  • Collaborations with cultural institutions
  • Graduate training workshops.

Research and collaboration

See our departmental research pages to find out more about our research groups and projects across all disciplines in our Department.  Feel free to contact us to discuss collaborations.

Postgraduate research study

To make enquiries about research study, please contact our Postgraduate research enquiry desk.