Our archaeological research is focused in three key groups:

We work on archaeological research projects around the world, including Italy, Greece, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, Iraq, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, West Africa, Kenya, Zambia and the UK.


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Our research groups and a number of post-doctoral positions have received major funding support from prestigious bodies such as the British Academy, Arts and Humanities Research Council, The Leverhulme Trust, English Heritage and National Geographic.

A student measuring the dimension of a human skull
A student measuring the dimension of a human skull


To maximise the impact of our research we seek to:

  • Ensure awareness of our field projects among local groups, the media and a global public to deepen understanding of the past and its significance; to raise awareness of local monuments, heritage and landscape and to leave a lasting legacy of these projects
  • Contribute to the UK education sector and internationally through project websites, briefing teachers on developments in subject areas relevant to the National Curriculum, and providing Visitor Centres with educational materials
  • Develop exhibitions featuring our staff and postgraduate research with local museum partners, and through our own Victoria Gallery & Museum and Garstang Museum
  • Reach a global audience through development of temporary and permanent exhibitions in international museums.

We pursue these goals through collaboration on exhibitions with institutions such as the following:

Our research benefits public bodies and institutions in the commercial, archaeological and heritage sectors including:

Field projects and summer schools

We have developed summer schools for GCSE history teachers incorporating our research on the Celts and we engage with the media to create significant interest in our work, particularly in our field projects in: