Saqqara Tomb Project

Professor Eyre and Dr Khaled Dawood (University of the Fayoum) have been carrying out long-term epigraphic work at Saqqara as a joint project with the local inspectorate of the Supreme Council for Antiquities (SCA).

About the Project

Field work in the late Old Kingdom tomb of the vizier Kairer, by the Unas causeway, is completed and post-excavation is at an advanced stage.

The tomb of Nakhtmin, charioteer probably of the time of Ramesses II, was rediscovered by SCA in 1993, following a roof collapse and having suffered some damage at the hands of robbers. In collaboration with Sabry Farag at Saqqara, the material recovered and stored for safety, together with that still on site has all been photographed and drawn, but a final season is required on site to complete planning of the tomb and to confirm original ordering of the decoration on the walls of the tomb.


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