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We are always delighted to hear from anyone interested in collaborating, partnering, or advising the project with the research, the digital methods, and/or public outreach.

We welcome enquiries from those interested in volunteering, using the library, or getting involved in any of the project’s events, including the residency programme; also, those interested in the project helping to create or contribute to any public outreach, policy, educational or heritage (etc.) events or materials for their own sites; or anyone wishing to discuss or work on lost or surviving tombs and burials or historic exhumations and collections of human remains in churches which we might be able to help with.

No matter how formal or informal the enquiry, please drop us a line, we would love to hear what you are interested in and how we might be able to help!

If you would like to contact the team or wish to learn more about the project, please contact us at

You can also follow the project on social media:

on Twitter @TheHumanRemains

on Insta @TheHumanRemainsProject

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