Consultancy: knowledge exchange that helps create impact and raise profiles

Posted on: 15 March 2024 by Dr Susan Kenny (Number of words: 174; Read time: 1 minute) in Blog posts

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Dr Susan Kenny, Senior Consultancy Manager, discusses how consultancy is an important form of knowledge exchange.

Did you know that consultancy is an important form of knowledge exchange that can help raise your profile and generate impact? Colleagues at the University of Liverpool are constantly generating ideas, making discoveries and finding innovative solutions to address challenges and make a direct impact on society.

Come along to the Consultancy Team’s Making an Impact 2024 session where you can hear about the benefits that sharing your specialist knowledge and expertise with a range of external organisations including industry, government, charities and the public sector can have. From providing excellent 'real world' case studies which can feed into REF, to being a stepping stone to further collaborations and larger scale projects, consultancy is certainly about much more than income generation (although the income is of course always welcome!).

Our dedicated Consultancy Team will guide you through all things consultancy related including exemplar projects and case studies, how consultancy is supported at UoL and, most importantly, what the team can do to help support you when you have an opportunity to undertake a consultancy project.

'Consultancy: knowledge exchange that helps create impact and raise profiles' is taking place on 11th June 2024, 13:15-14:00 BST in person at the University of Liverpool. Find out more and reserve your place here:

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The Consultancy Team: Dr Susan Kenny, Mr Jak Newby and Miss Erin Glorman.   

Since the consultancy policy and internal system (CONSULT) were implemented in 2014, consultancy has become a well-supported and established activity across the University. The dedicated Consultancy Team effectively manage over 300 projects per year and have received national recognition winning the PraxisAuril Knowledge Exchange (KE) awards winning KE Team of the Year for providing exemplary practice in the sector.

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