Making an Impact

Making an Impact is an annual programme of events led by The Academy which aims to provide rich, varied and high-quality development opportunities for researchers, academics and research-related professional services staff at all stages of their career with opportunities offered across all Faculties.

With the first Making an Impact programme taking place in 2018, these events have evolved into a finely tuned annual programme consisting of a series of diverse sessions which address contemporary topics within the research and impact landscape.

Making an Impact 2021

Visit the Making an Impact 2021 page. This programme of events will take place on 10 May - 11 June. 

Making an Impact 2020

Making an Impact 2020 was packed full of focused opportunities for researchers across the University using a revised Making an Impact Framework consisting of impact clusters defined in REF2021. This enabled research staff to engage in a tailored programme of activities around their research impact needs and interests.

Go to the Making an Impact 2020 programme

Making an Impact 2019

Making an Impact 2019 provided a vast array of activities for the wider research community to engage with. The programme was built around a Making an Impact 2019 Framework that helped participants to build a tailored experience based on their own research impact needs, ambitions and interests. 

To view the keynote speakers and the final reporting around this programme, please go to the Making an Impact 2019 page.

Making an Impact Week 2018

Making an Impact Week 2018 was a new initiative aimed at providing a week of focused opportunities for researchers at all stages of their career. The week, 11-15 June 2018, was timed to augment the University’s engagement with the International Business Festival 2018 (now the Good Business Festival), enabling development focused interventions designed to enhance the skills, knowledge and expertise of researchers at the University of Liverpool in relation to the impact of their work.  

To view the keynote speakers and the final reporting around this programme, please go to the Making an Impact Week 2018 page.

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