Making an Impact 2023

Making an Impact 2023

Making an Impact 2023 will be a reimagined, reinvigorated and restructured one week programme taking place between 5th – 9th June 2023.

Making an Impact 2023

The Series is a key researcher development fixture in the University’s calendar and the 2023 programme will present an attractive opportunity for colleagues to engage with sessions that enable them to boost research impact productivity, develop their personal and professional research impact attributes, and strengthen the cohesion, resilience and sustainability of our university’s knowledge exchange potential.

The programme will include keynotes, 1:1 surgeries, research facility tours, masterclasses, research impact bootcamps, workshops, live podcasts, panel discussions, webinars and fringe events.

Feedback from participants across previous programmes includes:

“…….the mapping of the Making an Impact Framework, the RDF and the level of resource provision is absolutely fantastic and quite inspirational!


…..“Although we are all eternally busy, these sessions are really helpful for promoting moments to pause and reflect on where we, as individuals, are up to and where future possibilities lie but essentially, how to turn possibilities into realities


“Making an Impact is an excellent opportunity to engage with other teams/departments across the wider University and to find out more about their current practice/research area. The sessions are always engaging with a dynamic approach to sharing knowledge and developing ideas for the future”


Absolutely changed my practice, improving my skills and the way I consider and work.”


“It provided me and my practice with a robust framework that has crystalised what I learnt organically but couldn't articulate so clearly. This enables me to evaluate industry partnerships and bridge the cultural gaps better. I have shared my learning with colleagues.”


The Making an Impact On-Demand Resource Hub

Supplementing the live programme, the Making an Impact Resource Hub contains a rich and diverse open-access resource freely available for all research staff and students to access at a time and place that suits you. The resources include: 200+ recorded sessions, 13 podcasts, 12 visual summaries, 15 keynotes, 50 workshops, 33 webinars, and 7 panel discussions covering the ‘From Liverpool to Impact’ strand in which Liverpool PhD alumni working in various sectors share their experiences and opportunities for research partnership and impact. There are also 50+ additional curated resources (including toolkits, checklists, virtual tours, TED talks) on inclusive leadership; using LinkedIn to foster research collaborations; informational interviews; making a cultural impact online; business development; collaboration and many more areas spread across four general themes according to research impact objectives:

  1. Boosting your academic research impact and knowledge exchange potential
  2. Capturing and sharing information and evidence relating to research impact
  3. Developing the reach of your research activity, interdisciplinary exchange and collaboration
  4. Contributing to a positive and inclusive research culture


The Academy has produced an evaluation report following the end of the Making an Impact 2023 programme


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