Making an Impact 2023 Framework

The Making an Impact Framework evolves each year in response to the University of Liverpool’s researcher development and knowledge exchange capacity building needs. The Framework is a structure through which each programme participant can practice, consolidate and generalise their learning.

As a participant, you will be able to create your own bespoke personalised pathway of engagement with the sessions on offer so that you can engage at a time and frequency that best suits your research impact needs, ambitions and interests. 

Making an Impact Framework 2023 

How you can use the Making an Impact Framework to build a tailored experience for yourself

Understanding the Framework will help you navigate the Making an Impact programme as every session is mapped to each aspect of the Framework.  

The Knowledge Exchange Framework (KEF) perspectives form the core of the Making an Impact Framework. Sessions mapped to the perspectives aim to develop your knowledge, skills and attributes in:

  1. Working with business
  2. Working with the public and third sector
  3. Skills, enterprise and entrepreneurship
  4. Local growth and regeneration
  5. IP and commercialisation
  6. Public and community engagement
  7. Personal and professional research impact skills

Additionally, each session also relates to one of five innovation themes drawn from Innovate UK’s 2021-2025 action plan for business innovation. These themes enable you to fully understand the impact that your work can have on society and the wider aspects of the UK R&D People and Culture Strategy.

Theme 1: Future Economy 

Theme 2: Growth at scale

Theme 3: Global Opportunities 

Theme 4: Innovation ecosystem

Theme 5: Government levers

We would encourage you to take your time and peruse the rich offering across the Making an Impact 2023 programme to build your own bespoke pathway of sessions at a pace that best suits you.