PGR Development Network

The PGRDevNet is currently on hiatus. The monthly PGR Coffee and Connect meetings will continue, led by the Academy, as per the schedule indicated below.  

All PGRs registered at Liverpool are able to join the Liverpool Guild’s Postgraduate Society 

For information about the monthly PGR Coffee and Connect meetings, additional PGR community-related events and all PGR Development opportunities led by the Academy, please keep an eye on the PGR Development Canvas site announcements. Please note that you require a University of Liverpool MWS account to access the Canvas space. All PGRS are automatically enrolled on registration or you can self-enrol using this link.  

For any queries, please contact

PGR Coffee and Connect monthly meeting Schedule

Please note that further information about all Coffee and Connect meetings on the third Thursday of every month, 11.30am – 12.30pm, will be posted in advance of each month’s meeting on the PGR Development Canvas site. 

March  Online
April In person
May Online
June In person
July Online
August Online
September Online
October In person
November  Online
December In person


In December 2022, Postgraduate Researchers at the University of Liverpool have established our very own Postgraduate Researcher Development Network (PGRDevNet).

This initiative is supported and managed by The Leadership, Organisational, Staff and Academic Development Academy (The Academy). Upon registration of their doctoral studies at the University of Liverpool, all PGRs, across all Faculties, automatically become members of the UoL PGRDevNet.

Aims and objectives

Find out more about the PGRDevNet's aims and objectives and its Network Leadership Group.

Feedback and promotion

If you have feedback or suggestions that you would like the PGRDevNet to take on board please e-mail us at


PGRDevNet activities and events 

The PGRDevNet organises a number of Lunch and Learn meetings, as well as the University's Annual PGR Development Conference with invited speakers as well as other events and activities. Please visit our events and activities page for details of our upcoming Lunch and Learn meetings and other events.

Would you like to advertise the PGR Development Network in your department or at your event? Download our PGR DevNet flyer.


PGRDevNet annual reports

2023 - Our first year was a great success, and we are continuing to build on this. You can download a copy of our annual report: PGRDevNet Annual Report 2023