Our exciting and engaging degree programmes give you the flexibility to shape your learning in a way that suits your interests.

The BA and BSc programmes in Geography are designed to give you the opportunity to pursue specialist pathways in Human or Physical Geography, or to combine both sub-disciplines throughout your degree.

We offer specialised modules informed by research at the forefront of debates in Human and Physical Geography, along with modules which allow you to explore the interaction between society and the environment.

You can tailor your degree further, by taking up to 25% of your modules each year from other subject areas. So, if you are interested in learning French, Geology or Sociology, or want to try your hand at Civic Design (Town Planning) or Marine Ecology (along with many others), you can do so as part of your Geography degree.

We offer a wide range of Combined Honours options, including:

  • Geography and Psychology
  • Geography and Latin American Studies
  • Geography and Sociology

Find out more information about the range of Combined Honours Degrees at Liverpool.

We want to try and help you prepare for the day-to-day costs of studying. These might include things like photocopying in the library, buying textbooks and specialist equipment or going on field classes. We have put together tables of additional costs for guidance, for each subject area, including where departments make contributions towards these costs. The Study costs guides should help you with your budgeting.