Foster, Mrs VerityHead of Operations0151 795 4651 Ext:54651
Management Services
Davies, Ms LindsayTeam Leader0151 795 0618
Barkley, Mrs AlisonWeb and Marketing0151 795 1099 Ext:51099
Campbell, Ms ColettePA to the Heads of Department0151 795 0184
Davies, Mr MatthewAdministrator
Da Cruz, Mr TinhoCartographics, Map Curator; GIS support0151 794 2844
Hughes, Mr JamieWeb and Marketing0151 795 0619 Ext:50619
Mermigki, Mrs ArtemisAdministrator
Prescott, Mrs RebeccaPA to Dean and Head of Operations and MS Co-ordinator0151 794 3085 Ext:43085
Sheikh, Mr KamranAdministrator0151 795 4642 Ext:54642
Research and Finance Team
Houghton, Mrs PaulaResearch and Finance Team Leader0151 794 5148
Cooney, Ms TinaFinance Administrator0151 794 0264
Li, Miss KarenFinance Administrator0151 794 5152
Wilson, Miss JanResearch Officer0151 794 9033
Student Experience Team
Evans, Mrs RachelStudent Experience Team Leader (Assessment, Welfare and Policy)0151 795 1497 Ext:51497
Rimmer, Miss ClaireStudent Experience Team Leader (Education and Enhancement)0151 794 2229
Brown, Ms KatieStudent Experience Administrative (Assessment and Welfare) 0151 795 1200
Carlyle-Neve, Mr MilesStudent Experience Administrative Assistant0151 795 0564
Crawley, Miss JessicaStudent Experience Coordinator (Education)0151 795 1830
Doran, Mr SeanStudent Experience Administrator (Postgraduate Research)
Finch, Mrs LauraStudent Experience Coordinator (Education)0151 794 5146
Haque, Miss NasminStudent Experience Administrative Assistant (Education)
Isherwood, Miss JoanneStudent Experience Administrator (Assessment and Welfare)0151 795 8111
Kelly, Mr Alan0151 794 3118 Ext:43118
Lawler, Mrs EmmaStudent Experience Administrator (Enhancement, Engagement and Projects)0151 794 0746
Murray, Miss LouiseStudent Experience Coordinator0151 795 0640
O'Neill, Mr PhilStudent Experience Administrative Assistant (Assessment and Welfare) 0151 795 1795
Saunders, Mrs EmmaStudent Experience Administrator0151 795 6187
Wright, Miss NatalieStudent Experience Administrative Assistant0151 794 0738
Health and Safety
Petley, Mr ScottHealth and Safety Officer
Technical Services Team
Pinnington, Mrs CarmelTechnical Services Team Leader0151 794 5147
Allen, Dr MichaelLaboratory Technician, Rock Deformation
Biro, Miss MariannResearch & Teaching Technician
Blackbird, Ms SabenaAnalytical Team (North Campus): Elemental and Nutrient Analysis0151 794 4087
Bradley, Mrs JenniferTeaching And Research Support Technician0151 794 2871
Brooks, Mr Joseph Teaching and Research Technician
Clark, Mr RichardTechnician/Driver
Gardner, Dr JosephSEM Technician
Glascott, Mr LukeResearch Technician0151 794 2871
Grandison, Mr ColinResearch Laboratory Technician0151 794 4763 Ext:44763
Hurst, Mr ElliotResearch Technician, Geomagnetism0151 794 3461
Kavanagh, Mr JohnTeaching support, Earth Sciences.0151 794 5189
Norman, Dr LouisaResearch Technician0151 794 4087
Utley, Mr JamesX-Ray Diffraction and Inorganic Geochemistry Technician0151 795 0344
Valentine-Baars, Mrs AmandaResearch Technician (MAGMA Laboratory)0151 794 5158
Project Managers/Administrators
Capleton, Mr RobertIndustrial Relations Manager
Fulton, Dr MattEco Innovations Project Manager
Diboe, Miss Sophie
Sanderson, Mr AdamIndustrial Relations Manager 0151 795 1017