The Low Carbon Eco-Innovatory

Economic growth is important but is often coupled with increasing carbon emissions.

The move to a cleaner, low-carbon economy is a central pillar of national and international economic and climate strategies. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) play a key role in the UK economy and have great ambition to support clean economic growth but have limited capability, capacity and funds for research and development. The Centre for Global Eco-Innovation, subsequently the Low Carbon Eco-Innovatory, are award-winning centres for delivering low-carbon innovation across SMEs in Liverpool City Region and the North West. Our centres have provided small businesses with dedicated researchers and access to world-leading expertise and facilities, thus enabling the translation of ideas from the drawing board into new, marketable products and services. This body of industry-focussed research and development has achieved low-carbon growth by assisting over 300 businesses, delivering energy and resource savings, and generating a minimum of 51 new, eco-innovative products and services. Specific examples are detailed in the video below:

Further details on the Low Carbon Eco-Innovatory can be found here.

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