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About us

As a focused group, we are interested in making sense of how our world works, turning new forms of spatial data into information that we can use to make intelligent decisions. Collectively, we span the disciplines of econometrics, spatial analysis, spatial statistics, demography, population geography and computer science.

Geographic Data Science MSc Geographic Data Science MSc

Geographic Data Science MSc

We are currently offering a master's programme focusing on Geographic Data Science.

Centre for Doctoral Training CDT

Centre for Doctoral Training

We are recruiting industry partners and students for our Centre for Doctoral Training in New Forms of Data.

Study with us Career Profiles

Career profiles

These career profiles highlight some of the interesting and varied work within the geographic data science sector.

Research Research Module


An introduction to our research themes and projects. CDRC Module

Consumer Data Research Centre

GDSL host the Liverpool node of the ESRC Consumer Data Research Centre.