Study with us

Study with us

Members of GDSL are involved in the delivery of taught content related to Geographic Data Science, spatial and population analysis more generally and a wide range of substantive domains of application, across all levels within the Department of Geography and Planning curriculum.  

Short Courses 

We offer a range of short courses that are delivered or facilitated by GDSL. When courses are available we will promote these on our social media feeds, but are also open to developing bespoke course content. Just get in touch

Career Profiles

Geographic Data Scientists have varied career trajectories and work within a variety of industry sectors. Read some of our career profiles below from a number of people who have some connection to the University of Liverpool and are now working within Geographic Data Science. We asked each of them the following questions: 

  • What does your company do? - Read an interview with Andrew Hougham
  • What is your role? - Read an interview with Annette Dellevoet
  • Describe a typical mapping or spatial analysis task conducted in your role? - Read an interview with Ivo Wengraf
  • What career path did you follow into your current job? - Read an interview with Matthew Howe
  • What advice would you give a student wishing to start a Geographic Data Science career in your industry? - Read an interview with Paul Morgalla
  • Where do you see the Geographic Data Science industry going in the next 10 years? - Read an interview with Emma McClimont